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Field Care

Our field maintenance team, lawn care vendors, and Board of Directors work tirelessly to keep our ballpark in great shape (kudos!).  Your responsibilities as a coach, as a player, or as a spectator is critical to the success of our leagues – and more importantly, the safety of everyone involved!  Here, and in life, it is always a good idea “to leave the area in better shape than you found it.”  

Here’s how YOU can help: 

  • Coaches
    • Your team is responsible for cleaning your dugout after every event.  Please dispose of trash in the trash bin located behind the dugout after each event. 
    • Make sure all babe ruth equipment (if applicable) is put up where it belongs and ensure players have gathered all their personal equipment.
    • “Keep the field in mind”.  Many of the younger kids like to kick the ground, dig on the playing surface or tear up the diamonds which compromises the safety of everyone.  Please DO NOT allow players to dig on the field! 
    • If you see large rocks or impediments on the field, please gather and dispose of (or repurpose rocks in the gravel area) appropriately.
    • Report any issues that may compromise player’s safety to a member of the Board of Directors.
    • In coach pitch:
      • Please pitch from the turf inlay and land on turf inlay.  (This will help the grass grow in the area in front of the turf)
      • Do not leave unused baseballs on the field while pitching.  Use your glove or pockets.
  • Players
    • Please take care of your playing fields!  Do not dig on the field and ruin the fun for others.
    • YOU are responsible for YOUR equipment.  Be sure to gather your equipment and take it home with you.
    • Dispose of any trash you may have after your game in the trash bin behind the dugouts.
  • Spectators
    • Please dispose of your trash (or any other trash) in one of the many trash bins scattered throughout the park.
    • Make sure you’ve gathered your belongings when you leave. 
    • If you find any unattended belongings, please turn them into lost and found in our concession stand.


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