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Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs)

Registration & Player Evaluations



Weather Events

Communication / Announcements


Registration FAQs

I want to sign my child up but need to pay later. Possible?

Unfortunately we moved to "Pay Online" only in 2024 and payment is accepted during the registration process.  To "pay later" you would simply need to register at a later date.  Just be sure to do so before the deadline to avoid late fees.

Are player evaluations mandatory?

Evaluations give the opportunity for coaches to see players prior to draft and help to make the divisions more competitive. However, player evaluations are NOT mandatory. If you are unable to make your scheduled evaluation, players will still be drafted and assigned to a team.

are there player evaluations for t-ball?

No, T-Ball players do not come to player evaluations.  They are assigned to teams by Board Members.

What equipment is needed for player evaluations?

Players will need to bring their mitt to player evaluations.  Helmet and bat are recommended but not required. 

In the Spring, evaluations are indoors so tennis shoes are required.  In the Fall, cleats are recommended but tennis shoes will suffice.


Gameplay FAQs

Can my player be on so-and-so's team?

Maybe. In T-Ball, since there is no player draft most accommodations can be made. All other leagues have a player draft by designated coaches. In these leagues we will try our best to accommodate your request as long as it does not compromise the purpose of the player draft -- to make our leagues as competitive and fun as possible.

What days are games played?

  • Spring - We play the majority of games on weeknights to help avoid as many weekend conflicts as possible. There will be a few Saturday games.
  • Fall - Games are on Sunday afternoons starting at 1pm. We might add a weeknight depending on the number of teams.


Equipment FAQs

What equipment do we need to buy our player?


  • Glove (Each player will need their own)


  • Helmet - We provide shared helmets on game day. If you do not want your player sharing helmets with other players you will need to buy your own.
  • Cleats - Obviously cleats are better, but tennis shoes can be used.

Are we allowed to use this bat? (What bat do I buy?)

You can learn more about our league's rules on bats by reading the bat rules page.


Weather FAQs

It is raining outside - are we playing?

Decisions to cancel are determined by field conditions or severity of the weather in the area. Generally speaking, if it is just rain we will try to play games if field conditions allow. USSSA rules require 20-30 minute delay in the least when lightening is in the area. In the event SCBR does decide to cancel (or delay) practice or games related to the weather we will use the following tools to send alerts:

  • Email - SCBR will send an email notification to all players.
  • SE APP - We ask your coach to notify their team using the SE app chat function.

NOTEWe will make every effort to make the decision 60 minutes prior to the event. HOWEVER...

As much as SCBR would love to be able to control the weather -- mother nature often has her own agenda.  Weather events can occur just prior to game time ruining our chances of safe play.  Also, we are often working on the fields down-to-the-wire trying to make the fields playable.  And, sometimes, we fail to get fields ready in time and are forced to send a late cancellation notification.  

We will do our best to communicate weather related cancellations in a timely manner. If you do not receive a notification as described above -- assume we are playing!

Heat index is HOT outside - are we playing?

We follow the lead of Shelbyville Schools. If they cancel extra curricular activities, we'll cancel. Otherwise, we're playing. Make sure you bring plenty of water or Gatorade to hydrate!

In the event we do cancel practice or games, we will notify you as described in the rainout policy. (question above this one)


Communication / Announcements FAQs

Where are the latest annoucements or alerts posted?

We try to post all our important announcements / latest news on our website.

These mediums are also used:

What is the SE app and how do I download it?

The SportsEngine (SE) app is tied to our league management software. It has these benefits:

  • Team page for each of your players
  • Team photo galleries
  • Allows for team chat and coaches to communicate with you
  • Has your team schedules (practice and games) and standings
Download the SE App


After you download the app, you login with the same username and password as used on this website.

Worth mentioning:  The SE app will become useful after your player(s) are assigned to their respective teams.  During the registration process the SE app isn't used widely.


Contact SCBR

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